Friday, March 23, 2007

The Quiet of Our Lives

Middle age did sneak up on the baron and baroness and did surprise us with a moment of quiet, reflective thought.
A couple of weeks ago, Spring Break descended on the Big Haus and with it the absence of university students normally seen in these environs. Our two eldest children had long since vanished and the younger two, in high school and possessed of monies and wheels, set off on a road trip to see their sister in Portland.
The Haus, beside what you see here, was empty.
In nigh on 27 years, we are not sure that we two, The Oracle and The Amazing Missus had ever spent a night alone on the estate. Stunned, we got a drink and sat down. A tripod and a timer captured the action.
That is me on the left.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What in the World?

I've been ill. I've been busy. Or perhaps my views have become more and more pedestrian until I have come to doubt that the reading public would be interested.

But what if I said that Satan had been cast into the lake of fire, oh, about a thousand years ago?

Or that monarchy is the preferred form of government?

Or that Tolkien's Lord of the Rings is a woefully incomplete work of fiction?

Or that people do not have inalienable rights?

Or that the Future does not exist?

Or that the people of Israel spent only 215 years in the land of Egypt?

Or that the snake in the garden was only a snake in the garden?

Or that Roman Catholicism is not Christian?

Or that I speak to the winds?

Or that God changes His mind sometimes?

Or that sex is a metaphor and a different metaphor for men and women?

Or that vitamins are a fraud?

Or that the metric system is of the Pit?

(And I won't even mention what I think of soccer.)

I'm just sayin', "what if".

Friday, March 02, 2007


After five long years of leading Bella Jazz Ensemble (plus a few before that with the Logos School Jazz Choir) the Amazing Missus pounded, cajoled, and directed a fine group of young people to a First Place (B choir division) victory at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz Festival.

I bask in the slight warm light of their efforts and it is good to see the wife again.