Wednesday, March 19, 2008

An Oracle for Wednesday

Peace is not a thing but a reaction to Order. The kind of Peace gained by Order is related to the arena; if emotional, domestic, military, or spiritual.
Order the realm and gain the Peace. If you cannot master the realms of life, find a master who can.

The degree to which you successfully govern your Self and Circumstance defines your Dignity and what Honors are requisite to it.
We are Humane to the degree we govern ourselves, Civilized to the degree we are governed in an ordered society, and Noble to the degree we are of governing service to it.
We are Pious to the degree we are governed from On High.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Went Down to the River (DaDaan da Duh)

So we went down to see my baby, Michal Angela, as she has labored to become a working singer in the Portland, Oregon jazz scene. We wanted to go out on the town with her in this professional moment.

First pic: Mike getting her performance groove on.

Second: Pick out the 50 year old.

Third: Mike and the Blessed, (our "second daughter").

Fourth pic: Jake and Bethany Calene came out for the gig (which was out in McMinnville, Oregon at the NW Wine Bar.)

Next few: Mike singing with her pianist, and recording studio owner, Jonathan Swanson (he is dang good). The bass player is some old guy who sat in but Michal has played with his son and grandson who are also bass players.

Art Shot at the end (meaning by that it was out of focus and was run through some PhotoShop filters): Leslie got to sing a couple of numbers at the end of the evening.

Monday, March 03, 2008

All Souls Update

We have closed on the new home for All Souls.
This is a great blessing that our fellowship only has because our God is greater than our financial ability.

Pray for us as we learn the joys and sorrows of property.

photo: Tim Tate