Monday, June 30, 2008

Been a Long Time, Been a Long Time...

The last blog reader was slowly leaving the room. His/her hand had reached tentatively for the light switch as the persistent quiet could only be matched in future by darkness. His/her eye scanned the room looking for he/she knew not what. Was that a scratching noise? From under his/her feet it seemed to rise. Unseen heretofore was a richly aged, lichen encrusted, and dirt obscured handle and latch of which Tolkien had failed to write a complete history. A male or female hand reached down, and with knuckles whitening with the strain and shaking in fear, pulled. The gaping, black hole of the Pit hearkened to either the Crack of Doom or perhaps (he/she hoped) The Narrow Way. The smell of wormwood and souls baking in sweaty, humid, and chaffing torment rose to the nostril of the last acolyte. A damp form crawled out like a majestic sea lion and threw itself on the floor of a dryer Idaho.
"I've been to Charleston." said the heaving mass.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Das Capital

A short word, if I may. Most of the time I write and design for the pleasure of it. The Amazing Missus sees boxes of textbooks, and thought, and posters, and coffee mugs not as the residue of my joy but another task crying out for completion. So sell it I must. You now can worm your way into a greater degree of affection with the Oracle (and certainly his wife) by going to the place we store our Loot and buying stuff like there were no tomorrow. I have added a link to this Mall of Oracular Stuff (bringing my approved sites up to 4) in the sidebar. The site takes PayPal, which, I assume, means I can gain American dollars from you at a distance.

Check back at that site with regularity as I hope to get more stuff produced. I hope that things like The Pitney Canon or a novel, The Book of Knights and Days might reach self publication status ere long. Maybe some bookmarks. Big Haus aprons. Feel free to clamor in the comments section for something I may have forgotten. My great futilitarian work on the sum of all human desire is a ways off (working title "Benediction: a good word on the way it is") so no clamoring for that. You may note in the comments that you await it with patience.