Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Tao

On Saturday, October 24, 2009
at the Big Haus
325 N. Polk, Moscow, Idaho
beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Cost: $50 per person
for single or married women

Contact for PDF registration brochure:

This seminar is an event that provides both the substance and enjoyment of the strengths that God has given women. It is a day of information (five talks on the Biblical structure of the Christian lady) topped off with a delightful dinner and fellowship.
We hope for a lighthearted and thoughtful day in which the social, spiritual, and mental tasks for the Christian lady are pursued. You will probably hear things you don’t want to hear but you will suspect that you needed to hear them.
Each session is taught by Mr. Evan Wilson. (Yep, he’s a guy.) Mr. Wilson is the pastor of All Souls Christian Church, philosopher in his own mind and a frustrated artist who, over many years of discussion and practical counsel, has developed a systematic on the strength and dignity that is the Christian lady.
The cost is $50, which covers the classes, a notebook with essential documents, a light lunch, coffee breaks, dinner, and least importantly, a Certificate of Achievement. The seminar is limited in size, so prompt registration is encouraged. It is for women only (married or unmarried) who have reached a time where understanding these things is needful.
We cannot promise to make you a lady, or guarantee that you will understand men, but we will deliver a philosophy that will leave you without the excuse, “No one ever told me”.
And our motto is:
“It’s the Thought that Counts.”

Seminar Schedule: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wisdom and Folly are personified as women in the first 9 chapters of Proverbs.
Men are instructed to seek the one and avoid the other.
Which, Wisdom or Folly, is incarnated in you?
light lunch
What is the desire of men all about, and how should a Christian woman deal with it?
From dating to modesty to marriage, a knowledge of Reality informs the Maid
on which way she should go.
30 minute break
To accept the Biblical instruction for women, a woman must come to grips with the
nature of hierarchy and the demands of honor. The issue of security and fear finds
God’s gift of a husband understood properly and with satisfaction.
30 minute break
Fourth Session: THE WAY OF A LADY
This is an effort to “gentle our condition”, by suggesting less of what to do and more of how to think. The claim is that the Fifteen Rules are true within all societies, practicable regardless of any economy, and sufficiently corrective at any time in history. Be she a Hottentot or a Hohenstaufen, the gentled philosophette will be guided to successfully fill the current culture’s task requirements by the guide of her considered philosophic vantage.
30 minute break
Proverbs 31 describes a rather muscular domesticity. This last session
looks at what qualities a young woman should obtain to be called “the Blessed”.
1 hour break
Dinner— 7:00
perhaps a reading of the short story
“The Father of All Courtship”
Attire: Casual

FIN — 10 p.m.

Contact for PDF registration brochure:

Thursday, September 03, 2009

But Mentally Add One More Citizen to Evanistan

Hail to the Beauteous
Manisha Wilson!

pic by
Helen Schiebe

Unto To All I Survey

With the moment of Empire upon me,
The Legions would cry out in acclaim,
If I stood at the center of power,
But I went home alone once again.

(pause for a sublime sensation of lost causes)

And Helen Schiebe took a picture.