Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Rubicon

I have crossed it. Clarity of self is gained at the discovery of the ever changing border of the will. This realm of Blog has been uppity of late and has invited this incursion. Perhaps I will not find WMDs such as I imagined and yet, though it is not Spring, it is time that I went out to war.

The Ferryman

I know 'tis hard to cross the Rubicon
And still more hard, they say, to cross the Styx
But men before braved waves and blackened beach
To wade and wait the ferry boats of both.
The other side's unknown with promise faint
Of fair, green fields or bloody battles won
Yet promise is no prophesy, they know
And courage risks the loss of all and pain.
I've crossed the first before to win or lose
The fight but when I come to cross the last,
I'll have no courage but clear confidence.
The ferryman has been pre-paid in coin
To carry me. His ancient lips will smile
And see in me a crossing crossed before.

By Evan Wilson


bubbajones said...

More clarity less - huh? Tell it! Preach it!

Stay on Target! Stay on Target! "Lighten up!" Stay on Target. Arghhhhhhhh! explosion.

Starwars, you know, the scene where the overweight guy in the X-Wing is attacking the Death Star and is saying stay on target just before he explodes. It's a metaphor about the Death Star and THE Death Star. Get it?

The Oracle said...

The overweight guy?
(A pained expression crosses The Oracle's corpulent face to the sound of his labored breathing, struggling past fleshy lips while he heaves his mass into a posture more noble still. This as the sublime darkness of the stone corridored Abbey becomes darker, malevolently so, at the mention of Star Wars so early in its history)

bubbajones said...

Let's just get them all out of the way early, shall we?... Napoleon Dynamite, Steel Magnolias, Mine eyes have seen the glory, The North deserved to win, Thongs on fat women, margarine is better than butter, Art is for sissies, We need more cowbell, and your brother has a bigger church than you.

There. Did I hit all the right buttons? Challenge me? I will taunt you again you English Pig Dog.

Mark said...

Are your parenthetical skills supposed to intimidate us, Oracle? HA! It'll take more than that to subdue the Blogosphere. MUCH more.

Rupert Giles said...

Not too bad for a history major.