Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Last Sunday was My 29th Anniversary

Where I Would Rest

Some holies say the Sabbath is the day
Where rest for six is found for all the saints.
Some claim that “rest” by fiat stray’d and pray’d
The church to Sunday them to death. This ain’t
My mind to thus esteem either or each,
To keep my goodly soul in cosmic trim.
While no “new moons, sabbaths, or feasts” I preach
(The week is named for other gods than Him.)
I certain do more blessed days revere.
Mine own nativity I toast and love,
And accidental Sundays in a year,
Though not for church or rite or perks above.
This Sunday is above all days in life.
This rest I took when you became my wife.

the husband


Thomas Banks said...

"Sunday" in line 4 is a verb, no?

"To keep my goodly soul in cosmic trim." -likey.

Line 1 strays a sight too far on the side of triviality (I think) but I guess it's your anniversary poem.

I do not believe the words "Perks" and "Ain't" appear jointly in any other sonnet in the English language. No doubt the next Oxford Companion to English Literature will make note of said fact.

Happy Anniversary,


Matthew N. Petersen said...

Happy Anniversary

The Oracle said...

Thanks, Tom.
Thanks, Matt.

Tiffany said...

Many Happy Returns (if that is the correct sort of wish for a 29th anniversary. It sounds rather Tolkien, which I hope you will pardon). Nolan and I have learned much from watching you and Leslie and our marriage is blessed because of it.

I enjoyed the poem.

Philistine said...

Happy Anniversary.

I used to have those...then a few not-so-happy ones...then none.

Hopefully, I'll get started on a series of the happy ones again.

Those are the best type ;-)

Congratulations! Many happy returns.