Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Report from the Shadow Side of Aging

The Amazing Missus is Old.
She plummeted into the Dark Realms surrounded by the graces of good friends and family with the ministrations of a Walla Wallaean tour of wineries capped off with fine meal in the lap of ostentation. Seven wineries, a box lunch in a spectacular park, the surprise of her eldest son popping out of his sister's car trunk having been smuggled in from Manhattan, a splendid dinner, singing with her daughter in the Marcus Whitman lobby, and cigars on the patio combined to keep her smiling. Scenes of such seen below.


Matthew N. Petersen said...

Happy Birthday,

And kudos to Davis and Michal and anyone else involved in getting Davis out here.

Anna said...

Please give the AMW the best of birthday wishes from me...despite the fact that they are rather late.

I'm glad to see that a lovely time was had by all.

Kate said...

I see my Latin ally popping his head out at the back of one of those.