Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Mother's Good Example on Christmas Day

There are six of us in Clan MacEvan. In past years the Christmas table was always enjoyed by a wider array of folk than our mere six. The Amazing Missus, in those past years, always put on a spread that set new standards for the Northwest Regional Hostette AAA Division.

But something different happened this year. We decided, what with 3 of our 6 returning from points elsewhere, we would just have MacEvans at table. A simpler circumstance with that MacEvan futilitarian ease and comfortable, non competitive dining.

We found out that it never had been competitive for the Amazing Missus. It is who she is. Her family will be served at the level of guests.
Just look at that table.


Tiffany said...

A beautiful table indeed!

Merry Christmas!

Kate said...

It is a really nice table... I'm glad you all could have dinner by yourselves for once.