Monday, March 03, 2008

All Souls Update

We have closed on the new home for All Souls.
This is a great blessing that our fellowship only has because our God is greater than our financial ability.

Pray for us as we learn the joys and sorrows of property.

photo: Tim Tate


Matthew N. Petersen said...

At least in this respect your church is growing faster than your brothers:

You have property. He doesn't.


Jeff Moss said...

Congratulations, and blessed be God!

The Oracle said...

Matt and Jeff,
I know it has a steeple but it is still unreconstructed low church inside. You both are welcome in it anytime.

Philistine said...


Hopefully, I will have a chance to visit it in the not-too-distant future.

Kate said...

It's a lovely building! But I suppose the basement (if there is one) doesn't accommodate Graeme doing roller-blading?

elrj said...

Yay, and congratulations!