Monday, October 13, 2008

In Search of Fools

The “praise” of Folly, faint and damn’d thereby,
Gives op’ning vents to tongues that wag with wit
And writings pen’d with acid, drunk with lye,
Which wake we wise to serve it up with spit.

As prizes go, they wallow slow and low,
Galleons of Spain aload with stolen gold.
Then we, the Raleighs, Drakes, on sight, below
Our decks, broadside what sixty pounders told.

Or big game shot like buffalo these days,
No longer Injun style in race of man
And thund’ring horse and herd. He hunts who pays
For pastured beast, to shoot them where they stand.

Are we made wits by stolid prey? Are we
In piracy engaged, excused by Queen?
Are we those hunting that which cannot flee,
And in such ease become those fools we’ve seen?

by Evan Wilson


Thomas Banks said...

"We" in line four should be "Us," unless you're doing something that escapes me.

I think "Injun" is difficult to accept, however desirable it is to die on the slope of political incorrectness. It plays the unwanted alien to the greater movement of diction.

Evan B. Wilson said...

As is "we who are wise".

Matthew N. Petersen said...

"Which wake us who are wise."

Matthew N. Petersen said...

Unless of course you mean:

"Which makes wee wise."

And maybe if you're punning you can excuse the subjective pronoune in an objective position.