Monday, August 31, 2009

Of a New(ark) York Wedding


Daniel Bakken said...

It seems odd to perform a Buddhist ceremony at a Christian wedding. What's the story behind that?

Kelly said...

Did Davis really wear jeans? Well, he is from North Idaho.

The New Arcadians said...

what does it mean that you were ordained by "An" Evangelical Church ministry? Did you ordain yourself again and why wasn't I invited to the ordination?

Evan B. Wilson said...

The Buddhist Poruwa is a non-religious cultural rite of giving the bride away. Davis made it clear to them that this was a Christian wedding (reaffirmed in the service) and any Buddhist religious rite was unacceptable. They very graciously adhered to that.
That pic was at the end of the reception when they had changed into their "let's get out of here" clothes.
Is it John?
The "Evangelical Free Church" in Pullman oversaw the initial selection of elders of Faith Fellowship (later CEF) back in the early 1980s. You did not miss anything. The NYT did their level best in addressing Christianity outside of the box.

The New Arcadians said...

Yes it was me. Cursed cookies - kept me signed in. I thought the jeans might have been a NY hipster thing. Although I didn't think a son of Leslie would "get" to wear jeans to his own wedding (even though his father did). I knew EV Free had chosen the elders but I thought it interesting that they didn't call it the Evangelical Free Church but "an" Evangelical Free Ministry. I'm glad all went well.