Friday, October 22, 2010

Not New but Valuable Nonetheless

I know we are due for a "Fifth Edition" but this still sells well.

My wife is a great cook. Everyone says so and science has declared me fat on every axis of measure. So you need her cookbook (seen to the left).
It costs $25.
The link to our sales site is on the sidebar (BigHausLoot).
Buy one. Heck, if your listening to me at all, buy twenty. Takes care of all your Christmas shopping at once.

I shouldn't be telling you this but what is cool is that I can make these puppies at home. This allows a profit margin unseen in the days when I made them at Kinkos. I got me a Ricoh Aficio SP C410dn color laser printer which makes all the notebooks and products of Big Haus easy to knock out on demand.

I got it from the guys at
While the color is phenomenal, it is the duplexing that almost makes me weep. Weep, of course, in a manly, tearless way.


mavis said...

i'm eagerly awaiting the vegetarian version. :)

Kate said...

We LOVE our Big Haus Cookbook!

Kate said...

...and you should update your blog.

Anthony said...

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charley said...

OK....I will have to show my wife the cookbook and let her check it out! I glanced over your blog and will be back. I serve as pastor of a small church in Cordova, Alaska and recently started a photo blog of the amazingly beautiful area surrounding where we live and serve, if you'd like to check it out at:

It's called: "Photos from the Journey." I'm just surfing blogdom seeking other Christ-centered blogs.

Red Tinn said...

Six years ago today! Any new editions to the cookbook in the meantime?