Thursday, May 31, 2007

I am an Unimportant Man

This is a gift to those my thoughts annoy. Proof of my singular unimportance. The photograph is a record of my key chain. If someone were to say "Let me borrow the car keys," I would have to correct them. "It is the car "key" you wish to borrow" I have access to a 1996 Ford Windstar. I don't have a key to the other car. I don't have a key to my own house. Even the doodad attached doesn't open bottles very well.
Now you can disregard the potency of my views.
Smile to yourself and gossip it around the nation.
"This man, he has only one key."


Mark said...

Only one key, and it's a Ford key. Can one get less important?

Thomas Banks said...

In regard to the ongoing attempts at dismantling your Ethos as it so stands, you can only hope that this issue is of peripheral, and not key importance.

Ken said...

A man's freedom is measured by how few keys he has. A few earthly treasures that he feels compelled to keep locked up, that bind him.