Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lost Cause

O'er several years some several souls
And sundry friends of such, had certain found
A darkness in the doings of all else
And that, of ample years. But ample hearts,
Are able in the arts of war. They spied
The several in a single, lonely cave
Where ample minded several to subtract
Each severally to make a sum indeed.

by Evan Wilson


Thomas Banks said...

I've never been forced to calculate the coefficient of a poem, but if you insist. . .

The Anti Darwin I said...

Are you writing about individuals who are participants in the task of reaching the lost?

The Oracle said...

Nope, I wasn't.
Think Bonnie Prince Charlie, think Osama Bin Laden, think Masada.
I was thinking of the pattern of lost causes.

The Anti Darwin I said...

Oh. It is clever to have written a poem that exhibits the essence of the topic.