Saturday, July 07, 2007

Celebrating the Unsupportable

The Fourth of July became the occasion for Jay and Noelle Zmuda to call their friends from the four winds of heaven for a commemoration of their singular friendship at a lake side cabin in Sandpoint, Idaho. My eldest flew in from Manhattan ("The City" as he calls it) and my daughter flew in from the village of Portland bypassing their parents who stood savoring the bitter dregs of rejection a mere three hours south. If we wanted to see them we would have to coax an invitation for ourselves to bask, be it so briefly, in their youthful vigor. We just got back from three days in this resplendent company of careers and minds on the ascendant.

In between wake boarding and fireworks (or during since I did not leave the cabin deck) discussions with these alert minds covered the grand topics. Themes such as the hierarchies, can humans be "better" than others, open theism, allegorical silliness, political trends, political oughtness, and St. Paul or friend in the third heaven, fought side by side with the trenchant claims of Metallica. These young adults have better minds and rhetorical abilities and ask better questions than I have heard in much of Christian America.

(first pic is of The Amazing Missus with the hostess Noelle and her sister Loni)

(pirate Tim with lovely Helen and her son Levi)

(Davis of the City, Gunn, and Andy of Los Angeles, soon to be of The City)

(My three sons, Graeme, Davis, Gunn then Andy, Brian of Portland soon of Japan, and Jason, father of Levi and defender of Metallica)


Thomas Banks said...

As suggested by your views on the Great Chain of Being, would you say that the 4th of July is a holiday that can be celebrated in a nationalistic spirit if said nationalism pays no honor to our country's less than obeisant origins?

Quil Nie said...

How does one e-call upon the Oracle? A neutral meeting place, like an email address would help, if such can be shared; searching the Abbey did not provide an easy means of connection. Thank you. Respectfully, cdbaker (at) netscape (dot) net