Monday, July 23, 2007

On Attire

I will to dress my public day and dine
In selfish mess or thoughtful service fine
And by it stress just how I place the line
Where I will bless the rest with what is mine.

by Evan Wilson


mavis said...

evan, "the books of the bible" comes out august first. it is a single column bible without chapters or verses, albeit the tniv version. has there ever been anything else like that, or is this a first?

The Oracle said...

I have enjoyed your blogging, Mrs. Otto, especially knowing that your lovely husband is "smoking hot".
The RSV came out decades ago in a version by Nelson that kept the verse etc in the margin and was single column. Also Richmond Lattimore translated a very nice NT in single column with no verse markings whatever. As helpful as those are for referencing, the magisterial authority of Me (in all my anabaptist regalia) is soemtimes hindered.

mavis said...

yes, that he is.
i just thought i would tell you i happened upon that very same nelson, rsv, new testament today at a yard sale for 50 cents. ahha. you should yard sale too, i'm sure you would like it. immensely.