Tuesday, December 06, 2005


May I speak with some pride? Thank you, you are very gracious. While I may be a middle-aged lumpibodied whatzit, I have me a wife. And not an overworked wife strung out on Prozac, homeschooling her cats on the sanctity of our country's founding Deists while her husband fills his noggin with patriarchal conceits and theological vanity. No, I have me an overworked wife of substance. Yowsa!

On the occasion of our 27th anniversary this year:

What? Another Poem to Leslie?

Now after twenty-seven years, what say
We end the verse to beautied leg and eyes?
You know by now your face and pace and sway
Are worth remark through word-felt metred sighs.
But other gifts tradition holds for you
Are past my purse. What for me is left? Word
Is still the currency for telling true
Devotion, and the lusts already heard.

by Evan Wilson


ED said...

Mr. Wilson
Your son is presbyterian?

Nice to see you - even though it's in a dress. Hope you are well.

Ed Lang

Lincoln Davis said...

Nope-but going to a Presbyterian church back East.

jon said...

I'd be interested in knowning what made Redeemer the needle in the haystack of hundreds and hundreds of churches. I mean, I hear it's fabulous and I know its influence is far-reaching, but what makes you keep going back, especially given the commute from Newark to Manhattan invovled? Surely there's a house church down the street or at least something closer to All Souls.

jon said...

Make that thousands. Monroe has some 600 churches, so there must be thousands between Newark and NYC.