Friday, December 02, 2005

The Laird at Bay

I haven't decided whether such a picture is humiliating, (meaning points for me in Glory) or whether it is self-aggrandizing (meaning mere social points and perhaps a scolding in Glory). You tell me. Are you laughing as you point to the man in the skirt or are you saying, "The ponderment of a such wonder bespeaks a world I only dreamt existed. Perhaps if I crawl into every Wardrobe I chance upon..."


Lincoln Davis said...


I am honored.

-Thy progeny

Mark said...

It's not so much the kilt, it's the legs.

Sam Creason said...

When I was in 9th grade, a wise Context of the Bible teacher told my class, "Mens legs are not attractive, ever." Well, case in point. I laughed; my wife laughed; I then laughed again. A man could store up quite a bit of glory this way. God Bless you.

Charles said...

Dear Mr Wilson,

As you seem to have requested it, may I make four critiques of your outfit? I realize that you might well question or disagree with the standards I employ, but I will try to stick to the great body of sartorial orthodoxy as is demonstrated by such luminaries as Alan Flusser, Thomas Mahon,, and Manton.

1. Your tie should just reach the belt, not descend below it.

2. It is very risky to put one's hands in one's jacket pockets; even the Prince of Wales usually only attempts one at a time.

3. While it is not *strictly* necessary for *every second* of being upright for a man in a single-breasted jacket to keep said jacket buttoned, it is highly advisable. If nothing else, it reduces eye glare :-).

4. Strictly speaking, a normal sports jacket is not to be worn with a kilt. The proper garment is the "laird" (pronounced "layd," not the English "lord"), which looks much like a sports jacket but has a skirt that is four or six inches higher. (Button placement is therefore also affected.) To see what this jacket looks like, go to and find a photo of HRH the Prince of Wales in Scotland; it's practically a given that if Charles is in Scotland and isn't wearing a military uniform, he will be in Highland rig. While he's not physically or, far less, morally beautiful, the Prince does have the best tailors and clothiers in the world.

Your neighbor across 'C' Street,

Charles said...

I meant "lay-rd".

If nothing else, I hope I have conveyed to you the fact that proper Highland rig is very precise and exacting, something Americans cannot understand when it comes to clothing. Perhaps other things, too.

The Oracle said...

And it probably wouldn't shock you to know that it was held up by two safety pins and, more crushingly, that a set of pleats were taken out that its circumference might match mine own. Just think of me as the class of Scotsman who had been dropped on his head when young.

jon said...

I'm just glad to see your presence in blogdom. It sincerely warms my heart.

Halfgut said...

I've seen you in a dress far too often to be shocked by this.

Panthalassic Explorer said...

The legs are nice, but the pipe is cool. Black Cavendish?

The Oracle said...

Black Cavendish it is. The focus on that camera must be better than thought.