Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Intermediate Way

"The Intermediate Way" refers to a sensation in being. The way in which we live seems to have three parts. A Lower Way is made up of obvious decisions on human precepts such as driving or bill paying or hobby activity. It is a conscious behavior and its way is designed by men and is in obedience to the will of men. The Higher Way is that of God. He has said that certain attitudes and obediences should strike you as natural in certain circumstances. It is a conscious behavior designed by God and lived by submission to that content and Spirit. The Intermediate Way merely suggests that Nature, (the lower gods like perhaps Fortuna or the Muses), has a program, of which we are unconscious, that remains unrevealed by these agents. That wills of these sorts have been delegated the rule of these middle paths is a speculation but a natural speculation for the Sons of Clive. If such is the case, than occasionally you find that you are in obedience to these unknown laws and that can make a man sense that he is enjoying a reward from this obedience. It is like an artist's hand delivering a line that reaches inside him to say that it is (or isn't) in the right place. It is the groove. It is stepping up to the dance with more than piety and good citizenship. There is a rhythm measured out by the Earth that can be ascertained when felt and, when felt, enjoyed. Joy from wisdom in the Lower Life is a gift of God as are the blessings of obedience to the Spirit of God. The Intermediate Way is merely another arena of the order that God has given the world. It is just not revealed but I may chance upon it. And chance favors the prepared mind.

Thus the reason for standing stones.

And the stone in the foreground is Augustus, as it sits on Abbey grounds.

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