Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Word of a Gentleman: Rule Five

A Gentleman is Clean
He commits the time necessary to be inoffensive.

Futility has her way with us. That which we tidy seeks chaos. That which is clean becomes dirt. Merely standing around allows entropy to keep grinding our flesh in its gears. Civilization, of which the Gentleman is husband, is collectively exerting itself to keep these unpleasantnesses at bay. The civilized society longs for order and longs for a vista to its senses that does not laud the insults of Futility. We are constantly cleaning up after those insults and the Gentleman must do his little part to amend. As Futility dirties, he must cleanse. The senses of man (like smell and sight) have ability to apprehend the range between the ugly and the beautiful. Society looks on a man and sees service to the one or the other. If we are men whose will and will power is capable to cleanse our persons, why would we not? Those who persist in their dirtiness and unpleasant pungency are the paramours of Futility. Your physical cleanliness will reflect which of these wives you find most attractive.

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mg said...

Well maybe I can still be a four out of five star gentleman...