Friday, March 24, 2006

No! No! Don't do it!

In one of my comments early in the Gentleman saga, I dropped the note that there were fifteen of these babies. Look below and you will see Rule Fifteen displayed. Oh joy! Oh rapture! ...but what about the title of this post? It has an ominous quality. Well, after I had developed The Mojo Oracles (whence came the Word of a Gentleman) there were requests from the fairer sex for a seminar of their very own. The Tao of Eve became an organized body of knowledge. And if the Gentlemen had a list of behaviors, ought not the Ladies? Yes, there are fifteen. They are "The Way of a Lady".
These short remarks are designed to be a handout for a high school week of lectures the Missus and I will be giving at Montrose Academy and also a lecture I will be giving at the Society for Classical Learning conference in Greensboro, NC come June.

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