Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Word of a Gentleman: Rule Ten

A Gentleman is Knowledgeable of the World
He has an informed philosophy of Mankind that makes his reactions humane.

A Gentleman is not a dictionary of trivia, filled with disconnected facts. All that a Gentleman takes in from the world around him must be processed. And a Gentleman is processing far more than to merely decide if issues are true or false. He is analyzing what he discovers to be true in the elements of politics, gender, family, and other varied events created by mankind (like sport or the arts or money) that is the range of what is a civilized society. To be informed he has paid attention to this wide variety of phenomena and created a basic, perhaps simple systematic that prepares him for the "new" events that enter his life. Each "new" event will either be explicable by or corrective to his understanding. This life philosophy is a ground for a Gentleman's behavior and, since that behavior is to be humane, these thoughts ought easily be drawn upon to defend his actions. In this way he can act with his surrounding company perceiving a pattern to his deeds and finding them justified should they question him on it. He becomes an grounding asset to the moment. Since everything happens (everyone knows) for a reason, he is the one who, perhaps, knows which reason. This keeps him from being merely a Pharisee obedient to the laws of a given society and makes him a Freeman obedient to his understanding. It requires an astute appraisal and logical understanding of cause and effect with a education in the nature of man.


Andrew Michael Jacobs said...

What do you do if you have reached a point in life where each "new" thing entering your life throws your whole systematic upsidedown or at least knocks you off your horse such that you are at ground zero again? Or if each new event seems to correct my understanding or reinforce things that I wish were not true about life? For example, if everything is up to God (as I have begun to see things - but am at the same time not convinced of), then life is miserable unless he is improving your soul. My soul is terribly miserable and I have about zero success in lifting it to a stable position for more than a millisecond (yes, a millisecond is about the longest amount of time I can be stable). I am starting to disapprove of my existence within society because I find that I am only a negative influence due to my negative thinking.

Note: "an grounding" does not fit into my not-so-simple systematic.

The Oracle said...

Where did you get your current view of the world? Why is it so negative and what makes you think that "everything is up to God"? The goods of a futile world have not resonated as blessings (and you have had many) to be "received with thanksgiving". There is something about your position that sounds like you are interested in punishing yourself somehow. "My views are crap, life is crap,... oh and God intended that my life be crap. Joy my good man, joy! "The sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed." Give me a call if you want for easier back and forth.