Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pleasure Seekers

The problem of life: we feel. God subjected the world to Futility because of Sin and that Futility introduces the unpleasant. God made the world good out of his benevolence and that introduces the pleasant. We feel both. Some think the way to handle the range of feeling is to try to dump more of the pleasant sensations into their time so that there can be less room for the unpleasant. Drown out the cries of the dying. But Futility will not be denied. The pleasure seeker will have to give it up or have it torn from their grasp because this world will kill them.
Is pleasure seeking the correct handling of the tension? It is as if a jackhammer was going in the street outside your home. You have a battery powered boombox which you turn up to skin peeling volumes and you don't hear the jackhammer anymore. For now. The batteries don't keep going, and going and going. And the music you played did not suit the rhythms of the hammer and that is all too evident when your batteries allow insufficient volume for your "music". Instead of "lots of the pleasant" we should arrange the pleasant with the unpleasant. Find the rhythm of the curse and play a song that is beatific while fitting the beat. You will feel Reality, and Reality, once understood, can be ordered. It can be governed on all of its pleasant to unpleasant axis. There is one of those for your emotions, your physical existence, your social setting, your spiritual walk, your intellectual wellbeing. In all of those, "if you get anything get insight." Wisdom governs by arrangement while the Fool merely magnifies the one and ignores the other. Both the Wise Man and the Fool die, but one in Peace and Comfort and the other torn to ribbons by the very hungry dogs of Calamity.

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