Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In Which Chagrin is Expressed

Heavens to Betsy! Talk about the Scriptures.... one comment. Talk about philosophy.... four comments. Post a picture... no comment. Talk about yourself... FIFTEEN DANG COMMENTS!
Is this blog a metaphor for our culture?
Is the most desired realm of mind to be found in those cloying, faux personalities of MySpace?

Maybe the peasant class has always been horizon- impaired and our culture has given them both money and the technology to speak peasant pleasantries to the world.

"Hey!" sez you, "Wasn't it you talkin' 'bout yerself?"
"Yep," sez I, "I was bein' a metaphor."
"I don't think you even know what a metaphor is!" you cry.
The Oracle ponders the vast halls through which his voice will echo.
"Correct again, but I was bein' one anyway."


Matthew N. Petersen said...

But I did see several people link to your post on evangelism. Couldn't it just be that the other topics are not interactive ones. You see the picture and laugh, but have no comment. You read the theology and are amazed, but have no way to really interact with it. "Wow I'd never thought of that, but that's a good point." But do you say that in a comment? But here is something we can interact with.

The Oracle said...

Good point. I am less chagrined espcially when I note that almost a third of those FIFTEEN comments were my responses.

Tiffany said...

Well, although I don't comment much I do enjoy linking to your posts. In fact my most recent post has four links back here so I felt it only proper to let you know. I've been told there is some sort of track back thing, but I'm not that tech-savy I guess.

I have to stand with a commenter from an earlier post- there simply isn't much which needs to be added to your posts. You read it and say to youself "yes, that's right, ok then" and feel no need to say anything further.

Charles said...

Ah, but what about blogging about blog posts about oneself? Now there's something to ponder.... ;-)