Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Heights

You have read of the calamity that fell on the saints of Big Haus!
Though from these Olympian heights (above my chamber door) Scotland fell, one Ginny Metzler, having read of my dirt, offered to share some of hers.
Praise be!
Here you see what was given, rubbing cheek to jowl with the survivors of the Beast.
1. dirt from the deserts east of Jericho
2. the Coliseum in Rome
3. salt crystals from the Dead Sea
and most importantly in our travails,
4. Scotland
On the far right sits a little jar with a clod in it picked from the wreckage of glass shards and dust swept into a trash can. It is now labelled "The Ruin of Scotland"


thebeloved said...

Does your dirt have any other Middle Eastern aspirations? :)

The Oracle said...

Babylon would be nice. The grave of Cyrus the Great. Mt. Nisir. Lots of stuff out there that is awash with glory.

thebeloved said...

True.... hmm...