Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Maduro Dance

The off white lines wear grey in early twilight
And dance the measure played. They swing in wreathes
Down the floor of Brahman with moves polite
Scenting all the Atman that I can breathe.
Warm pirouettes come kiss my lips and leap
To warm my soul; tone my eye with amber.
Golden hearts are thus refined. Drawing deep
On the heat of slow consuming, cambered
Coals while hands untouched by the warmth of such
Ecstatic calm, damn contentment and damn
This art, this joy. They say,‘You dance too much!’
But dignity is out of reach to them.
The step, the pace has certain height and grace,
A hint of Spanish with Virginia laced.

by Evan Wilson


Wolfgang Foxglove said...

As far as the last line goes, I'd keep Spain and lose Virginia. Conjurs up a few too many thoughts of square dancing, of which I doubt the great god Nick o' Teen wholeheartedly approves.

The Oracle said...

I agree with you for different reasons. It says "tobacco" but not "cigars". More like pipe or cigarette.