Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just an Observation

It struck me this morning, and I could be wrong, that the Emergent church is less of a reformation than a trend. What is that trend based on? I concluded that it is a passle of adults whose most devout, concrete Christian experience was in their youth group growing up. Look at the famous leaders. Don't they all seem to relate like a youth pastor? I am not commenting on whether it is good or bad, true or false. I am sure that many people have their lives wonderfully ministered to by such churches. I am sure that they are fellow believers.

But why, O, why do they lack this observant self description?. For the same reason I struggle with seeing the similar in me. I know that I am prone to think that my own patterns of life are "the balanced Christian way". You know, bookish, rational, tweedy, black coffeed, nicotined, poetic, and Lewisian (but not a dork who likes Tolkien). I am tempted to think that such is what the Gospel would create in every man. These are cultural differences like "barbarian or Scythian". There ought to be a clear distinction between what I prefer and what the Holy Spirit creates. It sounds obvious but why is it that we tend to fabricate for our preferences that which sounds like spiritual compulsion. What Christ makes of me upon looking at Him makes those Emergent youth leader vs. Oxbridge wanna-be philosopher distinctions fade to nothingness. My culture is the spontaneous and compulsive reaction to me according "to things which perish". My "life is hid with Christ in God."


thebeloved said...

An entirely important distinction--The Holy Spirit does not create identical clones when he renews our minds though his power is evident in each.

The Anti-Darwin said...

We aren't clones to begin with, but there may be something clonal about the inevitable result of sanctification. ("When we see him, we shall be like him.") By the way, isn't saying "identical clones" kind of like saying "wet rain" or "obsequious sycophant"?

The Oracle said...

When we see Him, yes, we shall be like Him. But until then we shall be like what we choose to see here. I am a little leery of suggesting that my formation is in a direct line to the beatific vision.