Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Nonesuch

All views that I have held have been questioned by minds greater and lesser. All views of mine, singly and severally, cannot put aside, as Lewis put it, "the logical exclusion of dispute".
Except for this one.
I was, west of the Azores and north of Trinidad, the cutest child ever born.
This pronouncement includes mine own children and, of course, yours.

Admittedly, in the spirit of Christian humility, I have not worn well. Each of you can feel free to consider yourself a better looking adult than the Oracle.


The Anti-Darwin said...

I, being among the several with lesser minds, think that the stopped-dead-in-the-tracks cuteness of the lad in the picture should be blamed on his parents. Was the boy in a cage, by the way?

The Oracle said...

The parents thought no more of creating his cuteness than the boy himself. And it is his "cute", is it not? You wouldn't look at a beautiful woman and say, "Boy, She's so beautiful I want to marry her parents."
And yes, it is a cage.

mg said...

You looked extremely German.

Halfgut said...

Man, you make my face hurt...still.

2morebigfishies said...

You haven't changed much. Add a beard and glasses, gray the hair, and there you have you.

Mark said...

Fifty years later and still no chin.

The Anti-Darwin said...

The argument appears to be one of those boer constrictas, or rather, the other way around. It is true that I have not wanted to marry the parents of a beautiful woman, but since you brought it up, I've known some beautiful women whose parents I might prefer to marry. But that's an aside. Getting back to the s. a. h., one wonders if you mean to imply that some sort of random mutation bordering on speciation took place at Cute Boy's conception. If so, we might just have to take your word for it since proving it will no doubt be as difficult as proving You-Know-Who's Theory.