Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Last year, while at the Society for Classical Schooling conference in Greensboro, I resigned from their board. I couldn't afford the financial demands attending the conference placed on The Big Haus. But, lo and behold, out of the kindness of the SCL, I am going to be speaking (4 talks) at the conference again this year on their nickle. The conference is in Raleigh this year and the plenary speaker is Peter Kreeft. Do you wanna go? I recommend this event for any person who loves the Western Tradition and,via education or lifestyle, wishes to see it advanced. Look it over at the website for the Society for Classical Learning. It will be June 28-30.


Thomas Banks said...

Cigars and C.S. Lewis readings, eh? Sounds like your usual activities, except paid for by somebody else and in a warmer climate.

jon said...

I don't know...looks like fellowship with a bunch of apostates. (And that's a bit of playful sarcasm, in case anyone's wondering.)