Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mind Fried over Easy

Sorry for the absence of postings but I have been preparing to speak at the Society for Classical Learning conference in Raleigh. I leave tomorrow and will be back in Moscow later on Saturday. I will be giving four talks .
They are:
1) From Dusk to Dark: The Fall of Rome
2) The Discarded Image: Lewis on the medieval model of the universe
3) The High and Lifted Up: Hierarchy and Egalitarianism
4) Education to Order the Soul

Pray for my audience. I will be saying the unthinkable.
Pray for me. The unthinkable needs to be well thought and well spoken.

I will also be taking copies of my new edition of A Biblical Antiquity to see if schools might be interested in using it. If you are interested in using it, I have posted a minicatalog at the Big Haus website with an order form.


Nolan said...

So, since you are delivering these address at a conference there is implication that you will have thought them out in expressible and rhetorically effective form.

Does this mean that we might be treated to a written version of these same lectures on this blog after the dust settles?

Thomas Banks said...

So, how did your talks go? Did they bust out the laurel wreath or the tar and feathers?