Monday, June 04, 2007

Vanity on Top of Vanity

In the publishing world, the self published go to vanity presses which gouge their customers for copious amounts of money because these under appreciated artistes so want to see their efforts (Collected Songs of Kansas in the Quiet Solitude of Love by Eleanor Spasm) in print.

Here is mine.

Feeding off rejection like it were the Breakfast of Champeens, I have rewritten, edited, combined into one volume, what Logos Materials used to publish as two.

A Biblical Antiquity
Ancient History in Context with the Bible
190 pp.
Coil bound
Covers antiquity from Egypt and Mesopotamia through First Century Rome and illuminating where it interfaces with the Biblical record.

The Amazing Missus is doing the final edit for comma abuse and insensible sense.
If you want one (or twelve) badly, it'll cost you $25 each plus $3 shipping.

Write for more info or to demand your fair share of my vanity.
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Ken said...

Would that be 12 for $25?


Ken said...
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The Oracle said...

That would not. Let us work out the math. Say a family of homeschoolers, by some space time warp in the curriculum, find that all 12 of their children happen to be at a ninth grade history level in the same year. Cursing will do no good. Neither will, for obvious ethical reasons, buying one copy and Xeroxing the thing eleven times. The kids could do their reading and pass it to the next but the logistics alone are staggering. You buy 12 copies. Reading the sales post you find the line that says $25 each. You look for the words "$25 a dozen" but don't find them. Your budget is tight but you can always skip science this year. Writing a check for $300 (and change for postage) you stand up at the rather large breakfast table a better man. The children rejoice and even the pets, who are not even involved, show some up-tick in their moods. The wife looks at you warmly. She likes a man with decision. See, better living through mathematics.