Monday, June 05, 2006

They That Visit

I notice a large sum of visitors coming from a site called Pooh's Think. They had been sent over to wonder if I was , in truth, a metaphor for a self obsessed culture. Welcome to you all. I am sure you are a fun bunch. Feel free to come again. I may need to clarify something however. I am described at the top of my blog as a number of things one of which is a "Pooh Bear Tory". If you visit from Pooh's Think you may take this description in the context of your own blog world experience. Disabuse yourself of that notion. I was named a "pooh bear tory" by Freddy "the beadle and prophet pro tem" Banks in recognition of my excessively tranquil and phlegmatic support of things that Tories support. God Save the Queen!
If you are a friend or enemy of Pooh over at Think, be aware I am his friend. He has eaten my salt. He may think I am a heretic but he is kind to me. I always like that. I will affirm that while he has the "thinky" part down, I am not sure that he has (and I speak as one with authority) the Pooh part sufficiently practiced.

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Jen said...

Thanks for clarifying. I've been wondering for some time about the "pooh bear" description. Tell me, merely for purposes of edification, how does one sufficiently practice pooh-ism?