Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Gravity of Damocles

Forever hangs on mortal ears
And heard, suspends all hope and peace.
The threat that marks a moment drops
Mem'ries into the Past of Now.
This, hung on slender, fragile thread—
Time snapping with tomorrow's weight,
Piling tonnage of What Will, is
The falling flight from Life To Come.

by Evan Wilson


Wolfgang Foxglove said...

Nice. I think that as a poet you like to weigh single verbs with as many noun clauses as possible- example in lines 5-7 here- which becomes a sort of poetic autograph of sorts. I think I've noticed it in other poems you've posted but forget which ones. While I think this practice of combining maximized image with minimal movement is very effective, I have to say that my one problem with this piece is "Piling tonnage of What Will." Seems a bit industrial, doesn't it? Otherwise I think it more than earns the title.

The Oracle said...

Industrial? You are probably correct. Is it "Piling" or "tonnage"? "What Will", I think, has established bona fides inside this poem.
...and "poetic autograph". I'm calling it that from now on.

Tiffany said...

The more I read of your writing, especially poetry, the more I enjoy it. I've always found you what you have written to be intriguing, now however it is your style and dare I say voice (although I've always taken issue with that term) that keeps me looking forward to the next posting.

The Oracle said...

Thanks, Tiff.