Thursday, June 29, 2006

Taking Stock

As promised, the Oracle is back in Zion having visited, with good effects, the lesser tribes of Philistia. He speaks, pregnant with nicotine induced visions, of his successful retirement from the Board of the Society for Classical Learning. Had a good conference nonetheless and some schools spoke of asking the Oracle to their own towns for a visit. That, dear friends, is the point of this post. The SCL was pretty much my only foray into the greater world outside Moscow and was the only place the work we do at the Big Haus could be known more broadly. We still wish to build our ministry into something known enough to make it a destination for those who seek. Were I to offer myself on the mercenary altar of "guest lecturer", what have I said in the past that you would say is so beneficial that I should make some seminar package of it?

On which aspects of the Christian life has the Big Haus some authority?
I received a very excited response to the lecture on Gentlemen and Ladies. Couple that with the Mojo Oracles and the Tao of Eve and we might have something.
History lectures? Which parts would gain an interest (of which I have some knowledge, of course)?
How about materials that my graphics capabilities could produce?

If you have any suggestions, as someone who has heard a talk somewhere or just knows of a large need in this world, we would gladly accept those in the comment section.

If you think that the world would be a better place if I stayed in Moscow and kept my thoughts to myself, please also communicate. We would be kept from folly.


Wolfgang Foxglove said...

One that you didn't mention that you are actually more qualified to speak on than say, literature or philosophy is art history. In our community it seems that there are a good number of people who are pretty well informed about the first two but who don't know squat about Raphael or Titian, myself included. Nothing against literature or philosophy, those could be fun too.

By the way, recently saw some prints of a guy by the name of J-something Turner that looked pretty good. That name ring any bells?

Tiffany said...

My vote is for the subject of True Righteousness. Namely the sermon you gave March 10, 2002 on Hebrews 13, "The Task of Christ, to make Perfect those that draw near". Sorry, I know that makes me sound like a stalker or some obsessive groupy, truly I'm not. It just was one of those defining "aha" moments and largely changed how I understood my relationship to righteousness and it's importance.

happywife said...

I am the sister-in-law of David Haddick. I have met you and the amazing Mrs. Wilson one time. Your family's hospitality made quite an impression. I have also heard quite a bit about you from Dave. I should think Christendom would benefit from anything you two have to say about starting a hospitality ministry, raising godly children, ministering to college students, etc. But perhaps this has already been done? Or maybe not quite in line with what you were asking for?

The Oracle said...

An art history seminar would be a hoot! The problem in serving that need is not knowledge but image. While I have already considered buying a computer projector, an art history seminar would have to have a copious selection of images from galleries around the world and those can be expensive. Worth looking into of course.
I agree with you that certain sermons get to the heart of things. A seminar which was loaded with such might be too much torque for the American Christian's soul but it would worth knowing which messages "divided the soul and spirit."
Much of our ministry is not just practicing hospitality but teaching it. My wife has put together notes over time about domestic gifts. Some of it is raw practicals while others are about the heart of service. We thought of doing a summer "camp" here at the Haus for ladies who wished to get up to speed in running an efficient home. That has possibilities.
And greet your relatives that we know. It has been awhile since they dropped by last. Pass this blog on to the Haddicks if you would.

Tiffany said...

There are materials put together on hospitality? Where does one obtain such treasures? And where do we sign up for summer camp?

John Barry said...

I think you should consider (as you mention) combining the Gentlemen and Ladies materials with the Mojo Oracles and the Tao of Eve. Some editing/refining might be in order as you undertake this effort. Also, you could make use of some of your graphic arts skills in the packaging, etc. In addition, I think an overview of ancient history might be of interest to many. Such a presentation might at least inspire some to further study and enjoyment of ancient history.

happywife said...

Would The Amazing Mrs. Wilson consider some sort of internet course or website (you could charge for access)? Leaving my family is an impossibility at this time... But if I lived anywhere in the Palouse Empire I would jump all over the opportunity for daycamp.
Also, I bet if she offered clinics on hospitality whilst you are offering yourself on the altar of "guest lecturer" you two would become the dynamic duo of the guest lecturing universe.