Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Once and Future Blogger

I am going to be thinking a lot this week. Vast reaches of space and non-existent time shall compass my thinkings. I'll spout off in sundry places and, mayhap, I shall be applauded. Some will talk back, fervently hoping that what I say be false. It shan't be but it shan't be here that I do this dark thing. For one long week I, thinking and spouting, shall be elsewhere. North Carolina shall envelop me in its humid embrace. I shall speak of the nobility that rested in the person of The Black Prince, Edward, Prince of Wales. I shall foist my recently developed (on this blog) philosophies of the gentleman and the lady. I shall reprimand the Christian school movement with the correctives of C.S. Lewis' views on artificially produced culture. I shall visit old friends in their mountain home and shall there unload the remainder of my mind. Then I'll come back. Maybe I shall have lost all my readership, as they visit this place and finding nothing new day after day, consign my tardiness to the flame. The saints among them will feel the same temptation but will turn to their main squeeze and say, "He is gone awhile. Let us be patient." The squeeze will turn aside to hide the shed tear that steals down a rose mantled cheek and murmur the word "Avalon".


Nuallain said...

"C.S. Lewis' views on artificially produced culture" - Where would be the best place to find these ponderings of St. Clives?

The Oracle said...

The essay, "Liles that Fester" in either "The World's Last Night" or "They Asked For A Paper"

Jen said...

Alas and alack for those of us who have no squeeze, main or otherwise. What shall we do with no Oracle to direct our musings?

Have a safe and happy trip.