Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ballpoint and Highlighter

This, I think, is from the Seventies. I was in college, sitting in the Student Union, getting nothing done... except this cup. The knowledge that I would have gained studying, would it have been filed away, to be brought out on private occasions, merely to enjoy something about it like I enjoy the fraud of two dimensional claims of three? Depends on the class I suppose. Some tidbit about Edward the Second that has never passed my way again, that would be a tragic loss. But I could have been wasting my "precious" time going over sociology notes. Such classes are for poofters. Keep your doodles, I say, for they are sturdier loot from your past than your educational factoid collection. That is unless you revisit those moments where you mentally drew a charming portrait of Edward the Second. Perhaps with his foul wife Isabel, so falsely portrayed in Braveheart. If the shorthand you use or the brushstrokes employed do artfully pull the real dimensions of history into a beautiful suggestion of that reality, than, I suppose, you can keep your education along with the yellow cup.


tmm said...

This, I agree with 100%. The notes from my "Christianity and Science" class would have long ago been roundfiled if not for the fact that, towards the latter half of the class, I brought my quill pen, a bottle of brown ink, and quietly adorned my notes with the best in-class illustrations I've ever been known to create

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