Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Way of a Lady: Rule Seven

A Lady is an Adept in Small Things.
She ably repels the incidental futilities.

A Lady does not sweat the small things but she will not let them pass. The large picture is made up of small, and while she will not be consumed by such trivialities and be kept from importance, she will adjust, resolve, remove their slight importunities. This can be anything from an extra guest showing up for dinner to a kitchen appliance on the fritz to a tear in her or someone else's garments. She knows what she must do to dodge or remedy the damage and if she, herself, cannot she knows who can and brings them to the task. As a hostess she has prepared all the important goods and lives in her event with an eye for the small interruptions. She cannot and ought not try to micromanage beforehand as if those must be prevented. They are chance and accident. These will happen to a Lady who has prepared her capabilities with presence of mind and skills. If she is only a participant in a social circumstance she is ready to lend her aid to those who might need to call upon her. Trifling courtesies in society can be the greatest of gifts. People expect the reward of the larger offerings of the social moment and it is the trifles that end up being the "above and beyond the call of duty" sensation and report of that moment. How much more is the capable "fix" of the trifling disruption without which "fix" the moment can sometimes be apocalyptically ruined?

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