Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Way of a Lady: Rule Six

A Lady has Understanding.
She knows that ignorance is mother to Chaos and the Common.

Sophia, the personification of Wisdom in the first nine chapters of Proverbs, makes it clear. A life, a house, a society, a universe were built on the patterns of her nature. All that works and all that is good finds much of its rest in understanding what Sophia has marked out. Since chaos and things common function in lives that know nothing or what they know is false, "If you get anything, get insight." The futility of this world is constantly tearing at the fabric and foundation of society and life. The energy we expend either assists the destruction or it counteracts it. A woman who knows that the peace of her society is the offspring of effort, knows that prior to effort expended she must learn the makeup of this world. A Lady will have spent and continues to spend time pursuing explanations. She wants the true explanations. Anything other is a waste of time. Having beliefs is no replacement for having true beliefs. All the participants that assist Futility in tearing apart all that is, have beliefs. Consequently it is incumbent on a Lady, at the level of her mental capabilities, to know first what makes things true and false, and how one can know certainly if the thing believed is true or not. She must be observant and able to trust her senses. The world she empirically predicts should come true. She must be rational, logical, and provide no fountain of nonsense. This means she understands that, since to pass believable knowledge to others she must package it in reason,she should herself only adopt a belief that is reasonable. She must recognize and bend the knee to her betters (those who possess knowledge). She should be intimately acquainted with apostles, prophets and sages. They may reveal something to her.

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