Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Way of a Lady: Rule Eleven

A Lady is Poised.
She stands as a memorial to the Civilized.

Our skeletons are an armature. A variety of soft tissue is hung on it and the sum of these parts are pulled toward the center of the earth by gravity. Some women stand as if gravity was the only force making any choices for their posture. They are only declaring in the symbol of their physical presence the same thing that a cow declares. All the decisions of the sculpture called "in the image of God" are made for them. Other women make added efforts to control how their physical selves are displayed. What is important to them, from efficiency to athleticism to wantonness are aptly spoken in this body language. The efficient (some mom with a lot to do) move and stand for stability with the tasks before them, not their dignity, filling their windshield. They walk like they are wading up stream, always conscious of their most secure footing. The athletes (all too often created by our schools) move and stand like men. Most sports have been defined by men and all that is wondrous about the female physique is denied and considered a hindrance. Why does it surprise us (perhaps it doesn't) that a large amount of lesbian recruitment happens in women's athletics? The wanton (of these three the most clearly female) moves like a high and rolling sea. Her stance declares the parts of her that she wants noticed for she is, to herself, just a collection of parts. She is an animal in heat and her only humanity is in economics for her products are for sale. These three illustrate (while perhaps many more could be recognized) that a woman's will applied to her physical frame declares the thing she venerates. A Lady, by being a Lady, has laid claim to civilization. She venerates the task of providing a social guide or government. The height of many good parts of our world can come to rest in such a Lady's poise. Beauty, grace, elegance, chastity, woman, dignity, restraint all should be part of a mental check list until they are habitual in her movement and in her rest. Functional, androgynous, fast (in both senses), competitive say something but it is not "Lady". In what sort a home would a Lady live? On what sort of grounds would it sit? Ratios would be correct and clean proportions would be evident. So let it be written, so let be done.

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