Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Way of a Lady: Rule Three

A Lady is Gentle.
The strength of her hands protects the frail.

A gentlewoman is not expected to be frail herself. A gentlewoman may be weak and she may be strong. If she is weak, her gentleness might not be a virtue (while, of course it might) if she hasn't the strength to harm a soul. If she is strong, her gentleness is alive to us all. The other things in her life which may be bruised, are not. She controls her strength (be it physical or emotional) to shield and benefit the those things easily damaged. All too often a strong woman feels it to be incumbant to demonstrate that strength by how much damage it can do. Has she a strong voice? She is loud. Has she a strong physique? She joins the rugby team. She spends her time jostling the world, disrupting the peace, and giving more civilized people something to solve rather than enjoy. A civilized world is at peace, and strength, in women or men, is the protection to the peace. Strength elevates a woman to a position of responsibility for those weaker. A woman can be a bully, even an unthinking bully, when her power breaks rather than mends.

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Tiffany said...

After a few days of re-reading this post and pondering, I'm still afraid that it confuses me. Is it being said that a Lady is physically and emotionally strong? ie: able to complete the necessary task at hand. But doesn't use said strength to the detriment of others? But how would the strength be used that way? And what if woman is not physically strong? I might b e starting to understand the premise, but the application I am still finding confusing.