Friday, April 28, 2006

My Epitaph, My Joy

Well rested peace now rests in peace
With calm content. A sleeve of dirt
Remains the rest of flesh as feast
For worms far more alive, alert
To less than me. I do not sleep
But I do rest in arms above the Earth.

by Evan Wilson


Jen said...

I like the turning of the phrase "rest in peace" and the way "rest" stitches the stanza together. Also, "sleeve of dirt" is an excellent sort of kenning. I'm confused by the worms "alert
To less than me." Are they alert to lesser things than me, or are they alert to less than I am?

The Oracle said...

My body, on which these worms feed, is, now that it is dead, less than me.

Andrew Michael Jacobs said...

Oh boy. I didn't pick up on that meaning. I was thinking that you were spiritually alive and thus more alert to true reality than physically living worms.

I know this is poetry but aren't you bending things a little too much by not making some punctuation after "Remains" or at least adding the word "and" after it? I know it is the first word of the line but it is the end of a thought - unless I am again reading it wrong.