Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Way of a Lady: Rule Fifteen

A Lady is Modest.
She is not busy declaring herself.

In most people's lexicon the word "modesty" is a reference to the amount of coverage given to a female's more attractive aspects. Certainly a Lady is conscious of the moral statement and effect that laxity in her attire might engender. But a Lady is modest for a deeper cause of which mere coverage of body parts is an effect. When a woman wears an immodest choice in clothing she is not just being a temptation to the male members of a society. She is drawing attention to herself. A Lady may be attractive but as a Lady she does not have that quality as the subject of her communications. This is broader than physical beauty. Is she wealthy? Is she very intelligent? Whatever the "benefit" she perceives residing in herself, a Lady is not present to make everyone realize it. Modesty, as it is for the Gentleman, is to live by the merit you have, not by its advertisement. A Lady must be conscious of her gifts for it is by those that she serves but the service of her gifts will not be stated to have the first thought of the recipient be about the Lady. The first focus of a Lady's charge is to make others rejoice at the gift, not the giver. The effect of a Lady's presence in society is just as successful if no one knows who is the cause. A Lady is a servant to the peace of her society. Her recognition, her repute, her honor will naturally evolve. It is tawdry when her immodesty requires it immediately.

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